Akaba Ritsu

It’s unusual to see a Japanese cosplayer on Instagram but the hot cosplay girl Akaba Ritsu is serious about being a big hit and she should be one. Why? because she’s so pretty she makes me almost pass out just looking at her incredible photos.

What makes Akaba Ritsu stand out from the general mass of cosplayers is her relationship to the camera. I know it sounds weird but her eyes stare down the camera into your soul… now that’s deep.

Akaba Ritsu Bio: Akaba Ritsu is a very smart girl she knows 3 languages and was born in Macao, China but now lives in Tokyo, Japan. She loves reading comic books, fashion, eating (who doesn’t?) and of course, going to Cosplay events.

Now enough of these silly words, getting in the way of us seeing the beautful cosplay girl in all her glory. Here’s my Akaba Ritsu Photo Gallery, showing off the hottest of her cosplay photos.

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