Kayumi - Freelancer

Hey guys, this video is mostly World PvP, responding to World Defense and some TB and TBP. In the ending credits I throw in a couple battleground clips.

Video was captured in 1080P and is pretty much strait PvP, meaning no side shows, or random funny stuff like dancing or barfing all over the screen. But you might find some scenes interesting, like fighting an Elem Shaman and Hunter under water or me surviving the fall off Lumber Mill with only 423 health after a quick instant heal. Expect to see some 1vs1 and 1vs2 fights against decently geared players. The second to the last song includes a Shoutout to Danny Tenaglia, DJ that just retired.

Music taken from Markus Schulz Global DJ Broadcast

La Pahura (Dave Lebon Remix)
Cobalt (Original Mix)
Be Yourself (Danny Tenaglia Remix)
Turn Up the Sound (XTIGMA Remix)

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